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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What's the primary difference between Deja and all the other print shops in terms of quality?

This is more than a one line answer. We use the best material and printing machines/presses for the direct need of each project. We use a method of grouping projects together and run huge sheets of paper on an offset press, this is how we can do high quality media at an affordable price. Your project gets printed with many other sets of cards all at the same time. Unlike other print shops that print your cards on a digital press and your cards typically get printed on their own.

What makes Deja Designs different?

We have a moral philosophy to design, its rather quite simple. You pay us to design items, that means you own the designs, all artwork is supplied to our clients in both print ready files and original artwork. We also ensure that your logos and fonts go to press as actual vector lines, not rasterizations of the designs. So if you design a card and logo with us, and then you want to get T-Shirts done or a vehicle wrap, we will send your artwork to you or the other designer free of charge. Deja has a range of design rates based per project or budget. Contact us for a free consultation.

We want to order but we don’t feel comfortable paying online?

No problem, come into the office and you can pay by cash or email money transfer or check. This way you also get a chance to checkout our awesome samples and choose the media stock and finish you like best.

Can we see samples before we buy?

Come in and see all our samples. Or send us an email with a request for sample pack and we will mail you one for free. Its best to try and inform us on the type of media you are considering so we can put extra samples of that style and finish for you to envision your artwork on that media.

Why does Deja Printing have so many qualities of media for printing?

Unlike other print shops, we like to give you the choice based on your budget and needs. We can do cards as cheap as $40 and as expensive as $600 per set/name. We leave it up to you to decide.

What if we want to print a design that is a picture, not vector artwork?

This is a tough one… we try to stay away from this type of printing as the results can vary and we want each and every media to go back to their client with the highest potential of perfection in terms of quality. If you are stuck and need them printed quick and don’t have time for a design, we will ask that you confirm by email that you understand that we can’t guarantee the printing results to be as great as possible.
We would suggest first and foremost to redraw the design of the artwork, whether it be a logo or a design of a postcard. This is actually how we had a running contract with Costco Pharmacies for over 4 years. Many years ago, the owner of Deja was in Costco on Merivale Road in Ottawa and noticed that they just opened a pharmacy. Upon looking at the 3 page folded pamphlet, he noticed that the logo was rasterized poorly, likely copied from a website or word document, not only that the text looked fuzzy and pixelated. We approached a manager and informed them of the quality and showed them our media. Needless to say they were impressed. We then designed and printed all their brochures for the next four years until they decided to print them in-house.

What file format do you need for printing?

Please send your files in separate vector pdfs. For example JohnSmithFront.pdf and JohnSmithBack.pdf
All files should have a .125 inch bleed (for ex. Business card would be 3.625″x2.125″
Embed all images into the saved pdf
Rasterize all images to 300DPI to make file size smaller
Convert all fonts to outlines (curves)
We have many templates for you to use so that you get the filze size perfect. If we don’t have the file size you need, send us an email and we will email you back a template for free.