Submit your files here

You are welcome to submit your artwork prior to payment if you would like us to review your design before printing.

All templates shown include bleed.  We strongly suggest you use our templates as it will ensure your file size is correct for printing.  The red line shown in the template indicates the bleed line, please ensure any background images stretch out to reach this line.  The black line indicates the actual cut line of the media, ensure you are safely inside of this with any text or logos.

Open the vector PDF inside Adobe Illustrator
– embed all images, select photo > embed
– rasterize the image(s) to 300 dpi to minimize final file size
– outline (convert to curves) all text
– send each portion of the design as a separate PDF.

A second file is necessary when submitting designs for Spot Gloss printing. The Spot Gloss file will indicate which design elements or objects will have the gloss applied to. (See figure below)  Same rule applies for emboss or deboss or foil. 
If you don’t feel comfortable inputting your credit card on the website please call us or come into the store.  We also accept email money transfer or PayPal or cash on-site.


2×3.5 business card portrait
3.5×2 business card landscape
4×6 landscape
4×6 portrait

For ex. For a business card with spot gloss on 2 sides with debossing on one side requires 5 separate files

1. Front.pdf
2. Back.pdf
3. Front_Spot.pdf
4. Back_Spot.pdf
5. Front-Deboss.pdf