This contract has been written for the purposes of final proof approvals, as presented by Deja Technologies Inc. (herein referred to as “Deja”), created specifically and exclusively for you/your company (herein referred to as “the client”), and only applies to the document(s) specified above (herein referred to as “the project”).


Designs start at $100, ask us for a custom quote. Deja always produces custom designs unique for each client. We stress on print resolution and ensuring each print media is created with care. We require your contact details, company name, all text such as services offered, logo (in vector format, .eps or .ai) Logo Designs start at $80. Designers must submit all files in .eps or .ai format, all text must be converted to outlines and all images embedded and rasterized to 300dpi, document size must be 0.125 inches past the cut size. (i.e. Business Card: 3.625” x 2.125”)


Personal Imagery – We are willing to use any imagery you may have as long as it is of a high enough resolution and quality for print. Please send us any imagery you may have. (Don’t Send emails over 10MB, try to break them up.) Stock Imagery – We also use stock imagery from professional photographers for some of our designs, we can show you samples before purchasing any images. Each image ranges from $10-$15 and you have access to the image for other uses in the future. Photography – Deja has a complete setup for professional photography. We have many samples of projects we have completed.

1. This is a final proof of the project stated above. This implies that Deja treats the project to be the final, error-free version in
every form. The purpose of this contract is to ensure the final project meets the clients expectations and to maintain accuracy
and accountability between both parties. The client finds the project to be free of errors, defects and to be indicative of the final version. The client will sign this contract agreeing to this statement and fax it to Deja, at which point Deja will handle the print production. Failure to perform either of these actions will result in the project entering an “on hold” status, which may result in a delay and/or missed deadlines. It is imperative that you respond as soon as possible. The deadline for printing is 12:00 PM on the Tuesday of every week. The written approval of the client, in the form of this contract, should therefore be completed by Tuesday morning or earlier to keep the project on or ahead of schedule.

2. It must be stressed that signing this contract is perceived as consent by the client that no other changes need to be made
to the project before being printed. While Deja has performed every measure possible to ensure correctness and accuracy, it is
the full responsibility of the client to determine if the project meets all requirements. If, after signing this contract, the client
wishes to make any changes or alterations to the project, additional expenses, reprinting or handling costs may occur and will be charged to the client in full.

i) This remains in effect if the inaccuracies are caused by Deja, which includes but is not limited to: spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors; text or image misplacements; erroneous additions or omissions; incorrect size or unexpected design, image or font usage. If the client notices any of these problems, they should express their concerns before signing this contract.

ii) Due to differences in equipment, processing, printing substrates, paper, inks, pigments and other conditions between colour proofing and production press operations, a reasonable variation in colour between colour proofs and the completed project shall constitute acceptable delivery. If the accuracy of the colour in the project is of the utmost importance, certain measures can be taken to minimize the potential variances. If this is the case, the client should express their concerns before signing this contract, although it should be acknowledged that a perfect match can not be guaranteed under any circumstances.

iii) Folding, perforations, cutting and trimming are all performed by machines that are maintained according to industry standards. Reasonable variations in these aspects shall constitute acceptable delivery. If you believe there is a special circumstance with respect to your project, please express your concerns to Deja before signing.

iv) Our goal is to provide the client with the highest quality result possible. If there is anything you are uncertain about
that has not been addressed, please contact Deja before signing this contract.

By signing this document you the client, understand and consent to all procedures and regulations contained within and you
agree to the invoice amount.

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